dimanche, août 13, 2017

Really nothing to say about this

It was New Year's Eve and the house was brightly decorated with holiday
trappings. The only sound that broke the quiet was the click of Grandma's
knitting needles. The children; Jane, eight and Mary, five, were seated
in front of a cheerily burning fire, leafing through a picture book.
Tiring of this, they went over to Grandma's rocker. Jane climbed up on
the arm of the chair and Mary snuggled into Grandma's cozy lap.
"Tell us a story," begged Mary.
"Oh," said the old lady, laying aside her knitting and wrapping
her arms around the children. "What story should I tell you?"
"Tell us our favorite story," whispered little Jane eagerly.
"About the time you were a hooker in Chicago."

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