mercredi, août 02, 2017

Really nothing to say about this

One day a mouse was driving along the road in his Mercedes when he heard an
anguished roaring noise coming from the side of the road. Stopping the car,
he got out and discovered a lion stuck in a deep ditch and roaring for help.
Reassuring the lion, the mouse tied a rope around the axle of the Mercedes,
threw the other end down to the lion, and pulled the beast out of the ditch.
The lion thanked the mouse profusely and they went their separate ways.
Two months later the lion was out for a stroll in the country when
he heard a panicked squeaking coming from the side of the road. Investigating
the noise, what should he come across but the mouse stuck in the same hole.
"Oh, please help me, Mr. Lion," squeaked the terrified mouse. "I saved you
with my car once, remember?"
"Course I'll help you, little fellow," roared the lion. "I'll just
lower my dick down to you, you hold on to it, and we'll have you out of there
in a jiffy." Sure enough, a few minutes later the mouse was high and dry on
the roadside, trying to convey his eternal gratitude to the lion.
"Don't give it another thought," said the lion kindly. "It just goes
to show that if you've got a big dick, you don't need a Mercedes."

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