mardi, juillet 11, 2017

Really nothing to say about this

X windows:
Something you can be ashamed of.
30% more entropy than the leading window system.
The first fully modular software disaster.
Rome was destroyed in a day.
Warn your friends about it.
Climbing to new depths. Sinking to new heights.
An accident that couldn't wait to happen.
Don't wait for the movie.
Never use it after a big meal.
Need we say less?
Plumbing the depths of human incompetence.
It'll make your day.
Don't get frustrated without it.
Power tools for power losers.
A software disaster of Biblical proportions.
Never had it. Never will.
The software with no visible means of support.
More than just a generation behind.

Hindenburg. Titanic. Edsel.
X windows.

on the mardi 11 juillet 2017, 16:11:01 (UTC+0200)

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